Canada – the end of the first term of medical school

Wow how time has flown by! I’ve already completed my first term at Peninsula Medical School at Plymouth University!

It’s been a long term but one thats been busy with the formation of new friendships through many social events, climbing and caving trips, surf trips, hockey, netball, yoga, running, university societies and exploring! On top of all this I have of course been squeezing in a bit of medicine here and there!

After the last of my lectures on the 21st December, it was time to start the Christmas celebrations back home in Taunton. Bring on all the food and drink, carols, decorations, family and the Christmas park run! (got to pretend you’re burning off the turkey somehow!)

After a very merry Christmas with friends and family, we flew out of Heathrow on the 27th December; our destination… Canada!

A white Christmas was completed with the snowy scenes of the Rockies Mountains as we drove towards the Lake Louise ski resort in search of ten days of awesome skiing. We were greeted by a fresh dump of snow and some very cold temperatures (-34 degrees = inevitable frostbite as Georgie soon found out!)

Unfortunately Mummy was wiped out by a snowboarder at the end of the first days skiing and sustained a pretty nasty leg injury which resided her to the resting with ice and the hotel jacuzzi for the majority of the holiday with piggybacks to breakfast!

One afternoon, I ventured across the valley to visit the frozen Lake Louise and the Chateau with mum where we enjoyed beautiful views, gingerbread Christmas creations and ice sculptures!

Georgie went over to the dark aside for a few days to enjoy life on her bottom as a boarder! 

With some adventurous exploring in the trees and off piste we found some beautiful viewing spots as well as lots of powder! 

To finish off the final day of skiing we enjoyed apres ski on the mountain with mum too šŸ™‚

Unfortunately we have now reached the end of our time in Lake Louise and we must say goodbye to our friends and the freedoms of life on the slopes and sadly return back to reality and exams šŸ˜­šŸ‘‹šŸ¼ 



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