Rio Verde, Baños 

Welcome to Ecuador’s adventure capital! With our campsite name of Pequeño Paradiso, we knew we were in for a treat! 

Here we spent three nights and I can safely say we have experienced Ecuador’s rainy season! Located in the ecological corridor between two jungle crammed national parks, we had plenty to explore…

Unfortunately, due to the recent downpours of rain, the river was up to high at grade 7 for us to try the popular white water rafting at Baños and once again this affected our likelihood of doing some canyoning too! However this area has a lot more to offer so on Wednesday morning we set off up to the Canopy at Puntzan Zip lining. Despite the constant rain, we enjoyed flying across the canopy and canyons on six different long lines! 

Next we set off uphill to the famous “Casa d’arbol” to enjoy a swing over the edge of the world! Despite the clouds we got some good photos! 

After another night of rainy camping and we woke to the beautiful rays of the scorching sun. This made for a great day of hiking and exploring the waterfalls in the area!

We even climbed up behind the huge falls of “La Cascada del Diablo” which gave us a great powerful shower! Lucky the sun was warm enough to dry us off! The rainbows created by the waterfall were amazing! 

We spent the rest of our day exploring the town of Baños before heading back to Pequeño Paradiso for our last night. 

All in all despite the rain we had an awesome time and now look forward to our days in the Amazon jungle! 


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