Quilotoa Loop

On Sunday we started the famous Quilotoa loop. Spending a few hours driving along the scenic loop, we arrived at The Cloud Forest hostel where we stayed 2 nights. 

This was an awesome hostel decorated with loads of wine bottles and filled with lots of Trekkers! And that’s exactly what we came to do….trek! 

The next morning, fuelled with a humongous breakfast, we set off up to the crater of the Quilotoa volcano. We were quickly met with amazing views as we hiked around the rim of the crater, looking into the bright blue crater lake! 

The wind was incredibly strong but that just added to the entertainment! 

From the crater we hiked for 6 hours to the village of Chugchilan and then back to our hostel. 

The terrain was very sandy and the ground was very loose so we were not surprised when we were met with a large landslide blocking our way down into the canyon! We soon became accustomed to the falling rocks until one boulder narrowly missed my head – I quickly scrambled away as fast as I could! 

With only a minor detour we safely arrived at Chugchilan and back to our hostel where a shower successfully removed our dusty coating of dirt which was inevitable after a day of wind, sand and landslides! 

A fantastic hike was topped off with the scenic drive along the remainder of the Quilotoa loop during the following morning as we set off towards Rio Verde, Baños. 


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