Peru/Ecuador Border 

What a wonderful last couple of days we have spent in Peru on the coast! Four nights camping in two amazing beach side campsites! 

First we arrived at the surfing town of Huanchaco where we spent two nights in a tightly packed campsite with two fellow overland trucks. 

Having experienced our fair share of ruins in Peru, Sophie and I opted out from yet another cultural ruin visit in exchange for a day on the beach and exploring the town along with a tough run along the coastal road to Huanchaquito and beyond! We rewarded ourselves with a visit to the legendary well decorated “Surfer Burger” restaurant where Mitch even tried the Quadruple Burger challenge!

After a day or two swinging in hammocks, we set off on the long drive towards the Ecuadorian border to the coastal town of Punta Sal. Here we spent another two nights in blissful paradise, swinging in yet more hammocks! 

With our tents pitched deep with in the soft sand of the beach, we made the most of this paradise-like campsite from morning beach runs to watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean as we sat sipping on piña coladas in the pool!! 

During our time in Punta Sal, Sophie and I also made sure to complete our Peruvian bucket list with a bumpy ride in a Peruvian Tuctuc as we made a brief visit to the party town of Mancora, experiencing some other interesting transport en route! 

After a fantastic final few days in Inca land, we were ready to cross the border at Tumbes into Ecuador on Friday! Another long scenic drive through jungle lamdscapes led us to the country’s third largest city, Cuenca. 

Here we have stayed for the past two nights. As well as making the most of the city’s culinary offerings, I have enjoyed the sporting Ecuadorian culture through its gym orientated parks and riverside running routes as well as learning about the manufacture of the famous Panama Hat which originates from this beautiful city. 

I have also climbed to the top of its popular cathedral as well as roaming the many markets selling flowers to food and drink along with many shoe stalls! 

Next we are off to the town of Chugchilan for some tracking around a volcano before heading into jungle territory in Rio Verde and then the Amazon!! 


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