For the last three days I’ve been staying in the Hatun Wasi hostel in the mountainous town of Huaraz and we have sure made the most of the beautiful mountains in the area! 

Yesterday we sent off along the very bumpy roads towards Laguna 69. Here we hiked 3hrs up hill to the stunning blue lake at 4700m altitude. Once again the altitude came as a huge shock since we were at sea level in Lima only 24 hours before! It was a gorgeous walk with stunning scenery including crashing waterfalls and snowy glaciers. We even passed the highest mountain in Peru and the second highest in South America, Huascarán Sur. 

Today we continued to explore the “meeting point for adventure seekers” as we embarked on a rock climbing trip across the other side of town. Equipped with boots, harnesses and helmets we spent the morning scaling the rock faces at the local crag, Los Olivos. Carl and Sophie had their first climbs and Mitch, James and I were able to test our fitness in the heat of the Peruvian day and at high altitude too! 

Finally we explored the culinary tastes of Huaraz, the highlight of which were the Alpaca burgers!! 

Overall Huaraz has treated us well and tomorrow morning we leave this mountainous town and head down to the coast to Huanchaco to camp on the beach for three nights. 



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