Inca Trail

After a couple of days in Peru we arrived in the Inca Capital of Cusco…

Here we spent two nights exploring this beautiful city and preparing for our upcoming Inca trail trek to Macchu Picchu. Dining on Alpaca and drinking pisco sours, helped us to acclimatise to the Peruvian life in the Andes. 

In the early morning of the 28th April we packed up our bags and set off into the mountains. On our way our guide, Pierro, gave us tours around the Saqsaywaman ruins, a local alpaca weaving centre, Killarumiyoq ruins, a Church and finally the temple of the moon. It was certainly a cultural start to our trail as we learnt about the Inca History. 

Then our trek began as we hiked for 3 hours to a homestay in Zurite for drink and a delicious evening meal before a campfire to warm us up on a chilly Andean evening! 

We started trekking early the following morning with a 9hr hike ahead of us. It was a beautiful day and we climbed nearly 1000m in height to reach our highest pass of the day at the 4450m Kente Pass and our lunch! How grateful we were for a luxury three course lunch inside a sheltered tent! 

This trek is certainly the most luxury I’ve ever done, complete with horse ambulances, delicious three course meals, hot drinks on the wake up call each morning…

On the third day we reached the highest point of our hike at the 4700m Puka Kassa pass. Here the hearts were racing and breathing was laboured as we struggled with the lack of oxygen! 

Downhill from this point as we followed the valley down to Ollantytambo and towards the famous Macchu Picchu! 

As we had all chosen to do the communtiy inca trail rather than the classic tourist trail, after spending 4 days trekking across the Andes, we finished our trek there at the base of this famous site and caught the train upto the ruins on our fifth morning. 

Arriving at the historical site before the crowds, we set about taking the standard “Macchu Picchu Tourist” photo before Pierro gave us a fantastic informative tour of the ruins. 

Then was our chance to race up to the Sun Gate for the pittoresque views and photo oppurtunities! 

A long return journey gave us time to rest before a good celebratory night out in Cusco! 

What a fantastic experience and a magical place that I will never forget! 


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