Desert Days

My first trip to the desert is one I will always remember… 

Arriving in the town of Huacachina, just outside of Ica, Peru, we explored the beautiful oasis in the middle of  the humongous sand dunes. 

Before long we jumped on some dune buggies and away we were into the dunes! 

Next came the highlight of the trip… Sand boarding!! With our wooden boards, we were driven to the top of the dunes and the competition of who could travel the fastest and furthest began! 

After trying out several different dunes (getting higher and steeper each time!) and with only minimal sand burn, we jumped back on the buggy upto a viewpoint to watch an incredible sunset! 

To finish off an awesome desert experience, we set up camp and a BBQ in the middles of the desert to enjoy a night under the stars! With  no light pollution in this remote location, the stars were beautiful as we slept in the sand! 

Returning back to civilisation in the morning was a bit of a bummer but life in the dunes is something we will never forget! 


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