Bolivian Birthday – Dragoman Tour 

And so the next stage of my adventure began….my Dragoman Tour through South America…

After several flights from Costa Rica, I finally arrived in La Paz, Bolivia on the morning of the 21st April. I was quickly introduced to my new truckload of friends who I will be spending the coming weeks with on my Dragoman Overland Tour. 

Our truck is called Tortuga and we have an Austrian driver, Jurgen, and a Dutch group leader, Neil. Currently we have 12 passengers (including me), 10 of which have been on the truck since Santiago, Chile or even earlier than that eg. Argentina or Brazil (where the Tortuga’s trip began). 

After exploring La Paz for a day we stayed in a hotel for my last night as an 18 year old. On the morning of my birthday we set off, with a truck full of balloons, towards the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca. After a very scenic drive we arrived in the town of Copacabana where we enjoyed a lovely lunch overlooking the shores of this impressive lake. Then began our boat ride to the supposedly sunny island of Isla del sol…

At an altitude of 3400m, a hike upto the top of the island quickly introduced me to life with a lack of oxygen! However after a chilly and oxygen deficient hike, we were rewarded with a stunning sunset over the hills and mountains from the prime location of our hotel for the night. 

After a delicious evening meal, I was surprised with the arrival of a humongous chocolate birthday cake! Freshly baked by a friend in copacabana and carried all the way up to the hotel, it was greatly appreciated and a very nice surprise from Neil. 

The following day we enjoyed a beautifully scenic hike along the length of the island to the ruins at the north of the island, where we were given a tour and an insight into the history of the island by a local guide before a cold dip in the lake! Recovery followed by means of a sleep in the sun on the bow of the boat as we returned to the mainland for a late lunch in copacabana. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the town with its many stalls and restaurants as well as enjoying some festival dances in the main square. 

Knowing that we would be leaving this spectacular country the following morning, we paid our Bolivian respectsand bid farewell with a few drinks in the local bar, before heading back to our final Bolivian Bed! 
¡Adiós Bolivia! 


One thought on “Bolivian Birthday – Dragoman Tour 

  1. Luci. Acabo de terminar de leer to blog. Que experiencia maravillosa has tenido! He disfrutado cada linea de tu reporte, muy bien escrito y lleno de detalles. Que envidia siento! Me encanto ver como disfrutaste tu tiempo con tu mama y lo feliz que se veian. Ahora estas en Sur America, continua disfrutando todo! Y ayer te vi en FaceBook en la cima de Machu Pichu! Que experiencia! Espero con ancias que escribas tu nuevo blog para deleitarme como lo he hecho hasta ahora.
    Un abrazo y espero sigas gozando de tus dias en mi continente. Muchos besos
    Leo xxx

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