Shaka Surf and Yoga Retreat

After 3 months of intense volunteering and trekking it was time for a little bit of relaxation…

After finishing my Raleigh expedition at San Jose airport, I was met by Mum at the airport and off we flew to Tambor. With a bench and one coke machine, it was hard to describe this as an airport! After a hot day of travelling we were warmly welcomed at Shaka surf and yoga retreat, just outside Santa Teresa on the west coast of Costa Rica, and want an awesome week we had! 

Waking early to appreciate the coolest part of the day with a run on the gorgeous beach of Playa Hermosa, we then fuelled ourselves with a pre-surf snack of granola, fruit and yogurt before hitting the surf! 

The surf was great and much progress was made throughout the week! Even by Mum in her bright yellow neon shorts! 

After a couple of hours in the waves we were treated to a delicious healthy brunch with fresh fruit, eggs, avocados, banana pancakes and coffee! Next came the yoga, an enjoyable hour or so of valuable stretching and calming of the mind and a great way to avoid the scorching heat in the middle of the day! 

Santa Teresa is a lovely little coastal town full of amazing restaurants and friendly surfers. Despite the bumpy rides through the pothole covered streets we enjoyed exploring the town as trying their delicious seafood on offer including ceviches and sushi!

On Saturday, along with all the Shaka crew, we headed up to Vista De Olas; the best spot in town at sunset! Here we swam in the infinity pool overlooking the bay of plays Hermosa whilst making the most of the pool bar as we watched the sunset across the ocean. A beautiful view and a top sunset experience! 

Santa Teresa has so many beauties to explore one of which was the big tide pool on Playa Hermosa; only revealed at low tide, this big pool was amazing to explore with a pair of goggles and a snorkel. We saw fish of all sizes, colours and shapes and found yet again another perfect location for sunset! 

One adventure that fulfilled Mums dreams was an afternoon spent galloping on horses on the beach. After sitting on her bucket list for years she was finally able to tick it off! What a fantastic experience! 

We certainly had an amazing week at Shaka surf and yoga camp and the team of Mike, Frank, Kiri, José, Maria, Eric and Chicho made us very welcome and gave us fantastic surf coaching! Definitely a place I’d go back to! Thank you! 

After a fantastic week of catching up and relaxing with Mum, I’m now off to continue my travels in South America upon my arrival in Bolivia in a few hours time! 



One thought on “Shaka Surf and Yoga Retreat

  1. What a Mum you’ve got, great little treat for some relaxing. I understand you have to come off a bean diet slowly, it’s dangerous to go cold turkey. Watch for anyone you meet in A&E with strange digestion issues, you could impress your consultant with this suggestion. This insight comes from watching Casualty on BBC1
    Best wishes. Keith


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